Platinum Coaching Offer

Gregory Bennett’s Platinum Coaching Program trains you in the techniques, skills and resources to become a highly successful real estate investor, easier and faster!

Get Coaching. Elevate Your Income. Live the Life You Deserve! 

This is an offer you cannot refuse!

You’re going to get over $30,000 in state-of-the-art training for a price you can afford! 

Your Training Sessions

(The Blueprint & Education for Peak Financial Performance)

  • Weekly virtual  Q & A sessions
  • Monthly coaching teleconferences
  • ​Online "advanced topic" training modules 
  • ​Online resource library
  • ​Web-based interactive accountability platform

Your Framework

(Done for You to Save 

Time & Headaches)

  • Marketing strategy plan
  • Business set-up (website, logo, business card templates)
  • ​Assistance with financing deals
  • Deal analysis
  • Retirement strategies
  • ​Automated lead generation infrastructure

Your Deals

(Obtain Tools for
Consistent Deal Flow)

  • Greg Bennett's personal investor toolkit
  • Contract templates (simple fill-in format)
  • 30-day social media branding and marketing campaign template
  • ​Cold/warm calling scripts
  • ​Direct mail letter and postcard templates

Your Exclusive Access

(Develop Skills & Network to
Boost Your Business

  • 8- week Online Course, On Demand: "Essential Real Estate Investing Fundamentals"
  • Access to Bennett Bootcamps private Mastermind Facebook Group
  • ​Joint venture opportunities
  • ​Unlimited Weekly Coaching Call Playback 
  • ​Cold Calling Strategy Sessions 
  • ​Access to Quarterly Mastermind Conferences

Let’s start NOW—we’ll identify your financial goals and create a real estate investment plan to drastically increase your income over the next year! 

Isn’t it your turn to live an extraordinary life today, and leave a legacy for your family in the future?

We’re committed to helping YOU secure results that far exceed your expectations! 

Take Massive Action NOW!  

Gain exclusive access to Gregory Bennett’s best kept investment secrets! This is priceless!

Master the Art of Lead Generation

Wholesale Deals; Earn Quick Cash!

Model Greg’s Personal Investment Strategy for

Consistent, Positive Cash Flow.

You’re going to get all this not for $10,000, but for the drastically reduced price of $2,500 (or 6 Monthly Payments of $497/Mo)!!

I want YOU to put all excuses aside, take your real estate investment business to the highest levels and reverse your financial woes.

Get the education, make the investment and make a commitment. And what will happen: You’ll get results!!

My students follow the simple step-by-step methods I teach and make $10,000, $20,000, $30,000+ in wholesale fees & $60,000, $70,000+ per deal fixing-and-flipping.  


Babatunde made $60,000 on his
fix-and-flip property!

I’m not new to real estate investing. I’ve done it before but was not that successful. After I was introduced to Greg, I’ve flipped two properties and had HUGE success with the first one and am now on my second one! I’m learning A LOT from him, he’s so knowledgeable, especially about how to deal with contractors, estimating repair costs. He has a lot to offer!” 

-Babatunde R. 

Victor made over $40,000 on his wholesale deals!

"I didn’t know what to expect when I took the class. In the last 4 months I’ve closed 4 deals! I learned from the information I got from the class. I didn’t know how to find properties or invest. But I’ve learned from Greg all about smart investments. Greg is a great tutor. He teaches you from the ground up, even if you have no experience. Keep an open mind. I’m excited and hope you are!” -Victor D.

Steve has profitably fixed-and-flipped 3+ properties this past year! 

“I learned from Greg how to invest in properties, flip them and make A LOT of money. That’s how I knew real estate investing was for me, lol! This has allowed financial stability and a life I never imagined for me and my family. Surround yourself with experienced people. Do not reinvent the wheel. Do not be afraid of being Successful. Get the Education.” 

-Steve Q.

Tammey has earned over $60,000 wholesaling real estate!

“I got laid off my job. I remember calling Gregory in tears . . . from that day on I’ve been trotting behind him. I go with the plan . . . I’ve decided wholesaling probate properties is for me. The checks come in and it’s a good day! Accountability keeps me focused on the end result. Envision the check. And they are BIG!

-Tammey D.   

Lynn is generating $1500 per month in passive income!

“I want to create a legacy for my family and my children . . . I’m adding to my portfolio of rental properties. Greg is an expert at this. You can’t do this without guidance.” Lynn W.  

Like Our Students, Your Success Awaits...

"I got a whole lot out of this program!"

"This [training] was very good! Thank you so much!" -Sharvita D.

"Great info! Thank you!" -Anthony D.

"Let's go Champions!"

"Yes! Let's goooo!"

I want YOU to put all excuses aside, take your real estate investment business to the highest levels and reverse your financial woes.

You have to get the education, make the investment and make a commitment. And what will happen: You’ll get results!!

My students have made $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 per deal following the simple step-by-step methods I teach at the above events.


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